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OM Edibles

Creative Direction, Photography

cannabis product photography

Cannabis Product Photography and Creative Direction

Blaise Creative teamed up with California company OM Edibles, to create female oriented cannabis product photography. OM Edibles creates an assortment of stunning and effective cannabis products, with recipes that stem from California’s medical days. They focus on healing topicals, tinctures, edibles and bath salts. We wanted to show the multitude of uses for OM Edibles’ beautiful products with photography to match.

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Project Details

Blaise Creative coordinated a space rental in Sausalito for a full-day lifestyle and product shoot. The client also hired two models to participate. Our first products to photograph focused around food. We shot OM’s infused olive oil on salads, tinctures added to lemon water and hot chocolate with the cacao. Next, we focused on seasonal content depicting women adding tinctures to champagne. The client also asked for lots of texture shots so customers can see the sugar on gummies and the golden hues of oils. We wrapped our evening with infused floral baths. Whether it’s a romantic rose petal bath or a relaxing sunflower bath, OM’s bath salts offer something for everyone. We wrapped our full day shoot the following morning, with topicals photographed everywhere from the bedroom and yoga studio to a home cannabis grow.

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