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VEO’s Valentine’s Day Editorial

Love is in the Air with Our Valentine’s Day Editorial

This Valentine’s Day we celebrate more than romance by showcasing another one of our true loves: cannabis. Blaise Creative went all out with the pink and red theme to capture some beautiful shots of our friends Angie and Madison. Needless to say, this Valentine’s Day editorial shoot is one for the books.

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Blaise Creative’s Alternative’s to Instagram

Don’t Depend on Big Tech, Here’s Our Alternatives to Instagram

With over a billion users, Instagram is a household name. In the social media world, it’s the number one photo sharing app. However, just because it’s the biggest doesn’t mean it’s the best, especially for the cannabis industry. Instagram deactivated and reactivated our founder, Bess Byers, nine times, but she’s not alone. Almost daily, Instagram takes down legal cannabis-related accounts, despite following guidelines. As a result, we’ve taken our digital marketing elsewhere and want to share our alternatives to Instagram.

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Lazy Bee’s Best Strains for Thanksgiving

Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and CBD — These are Lazy Bee’s Best Strains for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so you know what that means — awkward questions from family, listening to your aunt’s political rants and the inevitable drunken drama. But there’s also the amazing Thanksgiving meal, quality time with cousins you haven’t seen in ages, and of course, football.

No holiday (especially one with so much food) is complete without cannabis – but not all strains are friendly for family members or social situations. So what are Lazy Bee’s best strains for Thanksgiving? We have a few in mind.

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A Very VEO Friendsgiving

We Feel Thankful for a 420 Friendsgiving

While it may not be an official holiday, Friendsgiving is an informal holiday we look forward to each year. This special event typically falls within the week of Thanksgiving. It follows the tradition of gathering with loved ones to share a meal, but instead of being surrounded by family, Friendsgiving is all about bringing friends together. This usually means laughter, funny stories, good food, and gratitude for one another.

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Kush Marketplace Recap

Connecting with the Community at Kush Marketplace

Blaise Creative recently attended the 2018 Kush Marketplace at Axis Pioneer Square — but don’t you dare call this another industry trade show.

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Welcome to Blaise Creative

Let us Help You Blaise Your Trail

In the 1600’s, Blaise Belleau immigrated from France and helped settle Quebec. 400 years later, I am proud to follow in my ancestor’s footsteps by continuing to blaze trails. Blaise Creative is for the pioneers of cannabis — the companies looking to set standards, push boundaries and pave the way for a new industry.