We Feel Thankful for a 420 Friendsgiving

While it may not be an official holiday, Friendsgiving is an informal holiday we look forward to each year. This special event typically falls within the week of Thanksgiving. It follows the tradition of gathering with loved ones to share a meal, but instead of being surrounded by family, Friendsgiving is all about bringing friends together. This usually means laughter, funny stories, good food, and gratitude for one another.

Friendsgiving is all about bringing together the people you consider family despite not having biological ties. This year, we couldn’t have planned a better night. Nothing brings a group together like tons of food, cult classics on vinyl, and naturally, vaping a lot of cannabis.

With so much going on in everyone’s lives, we feel lucky to have our friends Erik (@nappyleaf), Em (@thcdaddi), Priscilla (@queer__p), and Brittany (@brokekidliving) all together at the same time to just enjoy one another’s presence. And eat food. Lots of food.

As usual, a mutual love of cannabis helps drive the night forward. Our VEO vape battery in conjunction with Pearl Extracts’ oil is really the star of the show this Friendsgiving. We love VEO’s Motion battery because it automatically adjusts the temperature as you vape for the best possible flavor and quality. It’s activated with auto-draw technology. Plus, haptic vibration feedback is both convenient and fun.

Add Some Oil to Your Meal

Of course, the Motion is even more fun to use with Pearl Extracts oil. We’re serious about only vaping quality stuff. There’s something to be said for the full-bodied flavor and pleasant effects of these oils. We also care deeply about sustainability, so a Clean Green Certified extract is an obvious choice.

As always, Friendsgiving is a big hit. We took time out of our busy lives to really enjoy one another’s presence, relax, and catch up on the latest happenings. We are so thankful for the good company of friends and the cannabis industry for helping bring people together every day.

Have you ever celebrated Friendsgiving? If so, what are some of the cannabis essentials you incorporate into the evening?

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